Getting Into Real Estate

One of the biggest misconceptions that new entrants have about becoming a real estate agent, is the sales aspect of the job. And also that it is not a job. Being a real estate agent is very much like being a sole entrepreneur with a focus on salesmanship.

Many folks join the ranks of the real estate agent only to find out after they obtained their license that its not really for them.

From the outside looking in, it may at times appear glamorous and very well paying. In reality its neither one of those, unless you are successfully working with glamorous clients.

Successful real estate professionals know that the trick to “making it” in real estate, is constant lead generation. You are always on. Always making conversation with strangers and their friends. And their friend’s friends.  And then staying in touch with all of these new found contacts.

Constant contact is as important as making the initial contact. Most people forget about their real estate agent and statistics show that almost 80% of people do not use the same realtor they used in the past, even if their experience was good. That means anybody new can step in and take your clients away….that’s why you must stay in constant touch with your former clients and existing prospects.

Sales is a noble profession and good real estate agents deserve respect for helping consumers make, what is for most of them, the largest and most important purchase of their lives.

Real estate if done right, has many benefits to the agent. From flexible working hours, to incredibly large amounts of income, and investment opportunities.

The real estate profession is a great opportunity but those looking at it, need to understand that it really is a hard job that takes time to be successful in.

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