Could I be a plumber?

I had been looking for a steady gig for several months. Looking in all the usual places which for me meant sales and marketing related roles. Unfortunately all the sales jobs I was finding were commission only and marketing positions are scarce or pay entry level wages. In other words, I was wide open to the possibility of making a vertical move if necessary into a whole different career if need be.  After all I have child support and a whole lot of other bills to cover. That silver Porsche Carrera seems so far away at this time..

So as I’m driving in my seven year old quality Japanese import, a plumbing truck pulls up next to me and proceeds to advance. As he passes me I noticed a sign “We are hiring!”.

Hmm! I thought to myself, could I be a plumber? My cerebral gears started turning…I’ve done some remodeling in my prior homes, I’ve changed some faucets, I’ve caulked a bathtub.  Maybe I’ve got what it takes? I remembered that I had heard that plumbers make pretty decent money. I had also heard that they were currently in demand.

Maybe this was for me?

So I started researching, I found the Department of Labor website and found that according to their research, they expected that the plumbing related jobs in the US would be growing at a rate of more than 20% between the years of 2010 through 202o. This figure was higher than average for other employment roles. So far so good I thought. The demand was there, so even if I wasn’t the best plumber, there was still room for me in the plumbing field… somewhere.

Next, was a more complex question. Would I be happy working as a plumber?

I knew I could be good as a plumber. I was confident in my abilities to learn almost anything and eventually excel in it, but my real concern was about being able to enjoy the life of a plumber. Where my characteristics conducive to being a good plumber and hence enjoying my life in this new endeavor?

I am mechanically inclined so I knew I possessed a core tenet of any manual labor trade such as plumbing. I like working with my hands. I’m a tinkerer to a degree. Sometimes I’ll spare parts left over after assembly but the project would usually work as a whole. With the mechanical inclination also came the logic and common sense that many men pride themselves in having. I was almost there.

Did I have the patience for it? Probably as a salesperson, I had the people skills to handle all types of customers. Communications skills and patience- check and check!

I knew from changing a couple of faucets, that working under sink can be a pain in the back. Could I handle a job that may require daily physical exertion beyond what I was used to? I was used to sitting on my tail for eight hours a day. Not much physical exertion other than getting up to make coffee. I would have to ponder this one a bit deeper as I wasn’t sure about the crouching, crawling, and climbing.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about becoming a plumber and I plan to keep thinking about it as I can’t say that I have decided to take the plunge sort of speak and become a plumber. If you’re looking a career that is full of growth potential, then you may want to think about becoming a plumber too!

If you’d like to know more about plumbing as a career alternative, check out Plumber Training Center.


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