Would Plumbing be a Good Career for Me?

Heavy Duty ToolFor those who are looking for a new career path and would prefer to enter a field with a lot of opportunities, then the plumbing industry may be for you. US Government statistics indicate that over the next ten years, the plumbing industry will grow at a higher than average rate.

You may have trepidation about really liking the job. Is it really for me? Will I make a good plumber? You will surely require training but do you have the characteristics to really enjoy the job?

Do you like to tinker with things? Do you take them apart to see how they work? Have you worked on your own car? On a regular basis, plumbers must break down problems and come up with solutions. The problem may be simple or it may be quite complex. But you should have the mechanical aptitude and skills to figure things out on your own. It helps to have the innate like for things mechanical.

Do You Have Common Sense?

Plumber must constantly apply common sense to figuring things out. Logically thinking out the steps required to do their jobs safely and properly. Are you physically fit? Plumber may need to spend several hours in uncomfortable positions, have to carry heavy equipment up and down ladders. There is a physical demand on the body. Crouching in crawl spaces, accessing rooftops, and more. Being fit, minimizes a plumbers chance of injury.

How are your communication skills?

Like any customer facing position, plumbers must listen very well and communicate effectively to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Are you dedicated and responsible?

Dedication includes showing up on time. Customers don’t have all day to wait for a plumber. You need to be able to properly gauge how long a job will take and how much it will cost. Your customer’s time is as precious as yours. Like any professional your dependability and quality of work are your calling card. Without these there is no repeat business!

So, do you have these characteristics? If so, plumbing might be a great career choice for you.

If you are interested in plumber training resources, please visit http://www.plumbertrainingcenter.com


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